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Recruiting Questionnaire

Sterling College is a Christ-centered, four-year college located in Sterling, Kansas, with a mission "to develop creative and thoughtful leaders who understand a maturing Christian faith."

Founded in 1887 (as Cooper Memorial College) by the United Presbyterian Church, the College embraces an emerging vision to serve God's world through servant-leadership training, the nation's first undergraduate program in Social Entrepreneurship and the development of future leaders through strategic partnerships with Habitat for Humanity International.

Athletics at Sterling is about More Than Sport. As an athlete at Sterling, you will be challenged to excel in three different areas.  First, you will be asked to excel on the field of play.  Second, you will be asked to excel in the classroom. And third, you will be asked to excel spiritually.

To be recruited as an athlete at Sterling, please fill out the following form.  Your answers will go directly to the head coach of the sport or sports you select as well as to the admissions office.

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