Warrior Athletic Association

Warriors Athletic Association

A high quality athletic program is a great reflection of Sterling College and, when we do things well it gives us a strong platform to share our faith. Athletics should be one of the front porches of the College. While controversial at times, athletics is discussed, second-guessed, arm-chaired coach and loved. Being successful is a wonderful affirmation of God's gift of talent to our student-athletes, and provides an incredible platform for athletics today and into the future of Sterling College.

Our vision for athletics is very simple, to use athletics to make Sterling College better and stronger into the future. It is never about how much we have, but about how we use what we have been blessed with. We need to be good stewards of what we have before we can be good stewards of more. Convincing prospective student-athletes to come to Sterling puts us in a very competitive market. Many times current recruting pratice's focus on promises that are very hard to keep, and that is why we want prospects to know who we are, what our expectations are, and what we stand for. We are proud of the mission of Sterling College and want to share our opportunity with anyone who accepts the challenge that goes with this opportunity.

We cannot talk about "vision" unless we are willing to look forward. Using the comfortable, worn-out path gets us to the same old comfortable place where we have been in the past. So, as we look towards the future, we want to make some changes in how we come along side our student-athletes.

We have traditionally used the WAA as a tool to help our student-athletes with finacial support. Now, we will give you the opportunity to give directly to the sport of your passion and to give for specific equipment, with a program called "Outfit and Athlete".

We want our student-athletes to have pride in representing Sterling but do not want to be excessive in any way. Good uniforms, travel gear, practice gear, and shoes go a long way to help our student-athletes have an outstanding collegiate experience.

If you are willing to help "Outfit an Athlete" (totally or partially), please return your donation with the form on the enclosed page. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding "Outfit an Athlete". If you do outfit an athlete at full cost, you will receive four all-sport passes for admission into all home games.

Baseball Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball Cheer
Cross Country/Track and Field Football
Men/Women's Golf Men's Soccer
Women's Soccer Softball
Volleyball Men/Women's Tennis